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Advisory Council Members

Our advisory council of entrepreneurs, business managers and organization leaders provides advice, support, and financial resources.

Membership on the Advisory Council requires two things: an interest in working with other alumni, faculty and staff to foster the growth of entrepreneurship resources for Cornell students, faculty, staff and alumni, and a willingness to support the program with an annual financial gift.

To learn more about becoming a member, please contact Zach Shulman at or (607) 255-3012.

Advisory Council Leadership:

Steve Benjamin 12.17.19 Chair: Benjamin, Steven (’80, MEN ’81, MBA ’82) – Saratoga, CA
Commercial real estate development



june_hayford Vice Chair: Hayford, June (’78) – Alpharetta, GA
Web app operations- development, product management



ericyoungphoto1-17-102 Vice Chair: Young, Eric (’78) – Menlo Park, CA
Early stage VC investment & fundraising, particularly enterprise IT



Advisory Council Members:

Ani Abrahamian 3-14-16 Abrahamian, Ani (MBA ’14) – Los Angeles, CA
Software engineering leadership mid-enterprise SaaS companies, transformational leadership


Robin Abrams 11-14-16 Abrams, Robin (’86) – Larchmont, NY
General counsel at public biotech with life science legal/compliance expertise


Kwesi Acquay Acquay, Kwesi (’14) – New York, NY
FinTech, enterprise software, investment banking, investing in diverse founders


Saif Ajani 4.7.20

Ajani, Saif (MBA ’09) – Toronto, Canada
Technology, marketing, analytics



_main_image_alexandr Alexander, John (’74, MBA ’76) – Ithaca, NY
Software startups and startup/angel investing



Steve Bachelder Bachelder, Stephen (MBA ’19) – Boston, MA
Software development/technical product design and supporting IT infastructure


_main_image_johnbalen Balen, John ( ’82, MBA ’86) – Menlo Park, CA
Venture capital and technology



michael_beller_10-16-12 Beller, Michael (’84) – Woodmere, NY
Product and engineering management, particularly early stage companies



scott_belsky_photo_5-23-12 Belsky, Scott (’02) – New York, NY
Digital product experience, design and all-things consumer.  Active seed investor via CapitalB



Berger, Emily (’92) – New York, NY
Investments, risk strategy, due diligence


HB_4.1 Bhardwaj, Hemant (MBA ’15) – San Francisco, CA
Venture capital


Rohit Bhayana Bhayana, Rohit (’83) – Chevy Chase, MD
Co-founder of data and analytics/ IT services



Momo Bi 7-11-19 Bi, Momo (MBA ’15) – New York, NY



Jordan Bloom 2-4-16 Bloom, Jordan (’11) – Scarsdale, NY
Distressed special situations, CPG startup strategy, private equity


randy_brandoff Brandoff, Randy (’98) – New York, NY
Consumer retail and venture capital



tim_breidigan_5-8-13 Breidigan, Tim (’85, MBA ’86) – San Diego, CA




Jeremy Brunner photo 5-18-17 Brunner, Jeremy (’94) – Millville, NJ
Consumer products, lawn & garden industry, packaging, sales, marketing, family business


Amy Bunszel Bunszel, Amy (’89) – Lafayette, CA
Enterprise software, product management and strategy, team leadership, AEC industry


Dan Cane 10-20-14 Cane, Dan (’98) – Boynton Beach, FL
Healthcare technology




rhonda_carniol_10-16-12 Carniol, Rhonda (’79) – West Orange, NJ
Startup company legal matters




Stephanie Cartin Cartin, Stephanie (’06) – New York, NY
Social media strategy and influence marketing



Sue Caplan Caplan, Sue (’77) – New York, NY



_main_image_j.thomasclark Clark, J. Thomas (’63, MBA ’64) – Greenwich, CT
Sheep farming, small manufacturing business expert, leverage buyout specialist




Clark, Nancy (’62, M Ed ’64) – Old Chatham, NY
Interior design, ASID member, sheep farming, cheesemaking, member DSANA, KKG



Alan Cohen

Cohen, Alan (’89) – New York, NY



steve_conine_2-14-13 Conine, Steven (’95) – Boston, MA
Direct to consumer internet




Peter Cortle (003) Cortle, Peter (’10) – Ithaca, NY
Building entrepreneurship ecosystems and (online) communities.  Ideation, software ans SaaS startups.


Susan Danziger Danziger, Susan (’86) – New York, NY
Startup launch (early stage), product market fit, alternative funding, first customers



Arup Das 8-2-16 Das, Arup (MBA ’07) – Freehold, NJ
Digital platforms and scaling operations, product and engineering management


colin-day-bw-squareDay, Colin (’97) Red Bank, NJ
SaaS, HR, technology, organizational planning, G2M strategies



Dauk, Sharon (MBA ’89) – Ridgefield, CT
Executive and leadership coaching, culture transformation, emerging growth investing



John Doucette 4-13-17 Doucette, John (’87) – Chatham, NJ
Insurance, reinsurance, leveraging, alternative capital sources to optimize capital structures.  Funding and assisting startups, particularly in insurtech space.


_main_image_farrelljames Farrell, James (’77, MEN ’80) – Orinda, CA
Clean energy (nuclear), sustainable agriculture (coffee), boot-strapped company startups



bobfentonphoto1-11-11 Felton, Robert (’61) – Berkeley, CA
Needs analysis for software, development of products, marketing strategy, sales and management.



Jeff Fine 7-15-15
Fine, Jeffrey (’85) – Washington DC
Private equity


_main_image_burtflickinger Flickinger III, Burt (’80) – New York, NY
Consumer packaged good



_main_image_forsythe Forsythe, Carl (MBA ’82) – Rockland, MA
Domain knowledge in manufacturing, engineering, banking fintech, CRM and data analytics



Gal, Steven (’88) – La Jolla, CA
Entrepreneurship and innovation- teaching, doing, coaching, investing and cheering


Galvin, Greg ( ’82, Ph.D ’84, MBA ’93) – Ithaca, NY
Semiconductor manufacturing, molecular diagnostics, additive manufacturing, startup companies



Forrest Gilman 7-13-15 Gilman, Forrest (’89) – Closter, NJ
Banking, capital markets, corporate finance, insurance



_main_image_allisongulbrandsen Gulbrandsen, Allison K. (’84) – Clinton, NJ




_main_image_dongulbrandsenGulbrandsen, Don (’83) – Clinton, NJ




Ali Hamed 3-5-15 Hamed, Ali (’14) – New York, NY
Raising venture capital, hiring, financial services technology, lending, raising debt capital, financials/reporting, new media (YouTube, Instagram, etc.)


Dharsono HartonoHartono, Dharsono (’95, MS ’98) – Indonesia
Fundraising, carbon finance, marketing, project management, community engagement


Tom Hayford 4.28.20 Hayford, Tom (’11, MEN ’12) – Santa Monica, CA




Hellinger, Gary (’62) – Bronx, NY
Promotional good manufacturing



TJ Hochanadel 5-29-15

Hochandel, TJ (’10) – New York, NY
Corporate real estate advisor/broker, help entrepreneurs and C-suite executives lease, sublease, expand, extend, and re-negotiate their office and industrial leases in NYC and in any major city around the world

Holtz, Jonathan (P ’12) – Syosset, NY
People development, organizational strength, product development, key customer relations, market positioning including channels of distribution, global development of sources


Will Holtz 2-16-16 Holtz, Will (’12) – Glen Head, NY
GPG (beverage) startup operations and strategy; private equity and angel investing



Erik Huestis 10-6-15 Huestis, Erik (’03) – Poughkeepsie, NY
Patent and other IP matters, particularly in software and medical device fields



John Hui 3-5-15 Hui, John (MBA ’15) – New York, NY
Healthcare IT startup, particularly early stage



Steve Isko 2-4-19 Isko, Steven (’86) – New York, NY
CPG, private equity, corporate attorney



Stephen Jacobs 3-20-19 Jacobs, Stephen (’17) – New York, NY
Private equity


_main_image_m_karangelan Karangelen, Michael (’90) – New York, NY
Private equity



Deb Kemp 12-2-15
Kemper, Deb (’88) – Newton, MA
Funding for early stage technology startups, e.g. pre-seed, series A; focus on gender diverse founding teams; building effective boards


kinzelberg_photo2_6-22-12Kinzelberg, Harvey (’67) – Chicago, IL
Financial engineering, financial structuring, and corporate finance



Stephanie Ko

Ko, Stephanie (’14) – Brooklyn, NY
Retail, eCommerce, consumer goods, last-mile logistics and fulfillment marketing



Kathryn Lancioni

Lancioni, Kathryn (’92) – Ridgewood, NJ
Public relations, public speaking, interpersonal communication, communication research and personal branding


David Lesser photo

Lesser, David (’87, MBA ’88) – New York, NY
Real estate, real estate securities, alternative energy, distributed generation/cogeneration/combined heat and power, investment banking/public company, activated carbon, controlled environment agriculture


Jordan Levine Levine, Jordan (’12) – New York, NY
Corporate attorney representing emerging and established, domestic and international companies


Roger Mann 7-11-19 Mann, Roger (’81) – Washington, DC
CEO founding, launching, growing SaaS companies with patented IP; seed, A round capital raises; market pull driven MVP development; marketing sales to-to-market strategies and building sales team

Rosemary Mburu 1-13-2020 Mburu, Rosemary (MBA ’19) – Atlanta, GA
Advise early stage startups, product/market fit, go-to market strategies and product development


Bill-McAleer 11-14-16 McAleer, William (’73, MBA ’75) – Seattle, WA
Early stage investments, strategy, board experience, venture funding and M+A



kevin_mcgovern McGovern, Kevin (’70) – New York, NY
Venture capital and law




matt_mcgraw_photo_6-25-12 McGraw, Matthew (’95) – San Francisco, CA
Scaling early stage startups, product/market fit, customer experience and company culture and governance, investments, strategy, board experience, venture funding, M+A



Joanne McKinney 1-5-15 McKinney, Joanne (’87) – Old Greenwich, CT
Brand foundations- strategy, naming, identity, creativity expression




_main_image_jamesmcnair McNair, Jim (MBA ’83) – Chicago, IL
Private equity



Arsham 11-8-17Memarzadeh, Arsham (’14) – Boston, MA
VC- Series B/C/D globally


Doug MillerMiller, Doug (’76) New York, NY
Sales, marketing, eCommerce, financial analysis, investment management, business management


_main_image_millerm Miller, Mark (’85) – Arlington, MA
Investment banking


Franco MoraMora, Franco (MBA ’12) – Mexico
Strategy operations experience in several industries, specific know-how on cost structure design and operational set-up for both, services and manufacturing



rick_morse_photo Morse, Rick (’88) – Florence, AL
B2C eCommerce, marketing, operations



Matt Nastos 4-22-16 Nastos, Matt (’10) – New York, NY
Performance marketing & digital customer acquisition


Glenn Pacchianna 7-20-16 Pacchiana, Glenn (’89) – Briarcliff Manor, NY
Innovation solutions, startups, planning, international, agricultural chemicals, construction, mining, real estate development



_main_image_jefferyparker Parker, Jeffrey P. (’65, MEN ’66, MBA ’70) – Gulf Stream, FL
Early stage investing, fintech, bigdata, SaaS



everettephillipsphoto3-24-11Phillips, Everette (’82) – Newport Beach, CA
Exponential technologies: robotics, AI, spatial computing, AR/AR, internet of things and convergence of those fields, manufacturing, supply chain and outsourcing, LinkedIn/Digital Marketing, networking strategies


r_pilcPilc, Roger (’89) – Stamford, CT



Surya Pochareddy Pochareddy, Surya (’17) – New York, NY
Financial services, private equity (insurance, fin-tech, business services)



Salmaan Qadir Qadir, Salmaan (’16) – Denver, CO
Cryptocurrency/blockchain, startup financial planning & analysis, data science & analytics, fintech regulation & policy


Jake Reisch 6-2-15

Reisch, Jake (’15) – Geneva, NY
Customer development, product management, fundraising, growth marketing, team leadership


meredith_rosenberg_12-14-12 Rosenberg, Meredith (’92) – Boston, MA
Digital education and education technology



Ross, Sacha (’94, JD ’99) – New York, NY
Startup legal matters



anatoly_rozental_photo2_2-11-14 Rozental, Anatoliy (’09) – New York, NY
Private equity, growth equity, mergers and acquisitions


Rubins, Matthew (’90) – Boston, MA
Education technology, enterprise software, angel investing, finance and corporate development

Russo, Matt (’90) – New York, NY


_main_image_robryan Ryan, Rob (’69) – Hamilton, MT
Business model analysis, business strategy and building companies


Ryan, Terry (’69) – Hamilton, MT




jonathan_santomauro_11-5-12 Santomauro, Jonathan (’10, MBA ’11) – Gwynedd, PA
Healthcare supplies




Marissa Saporta

Saporta, Marissa (’99) – Westport CT
Sales, eCommerce, consumer goods, operations, business, entrepreneurship


Andrew Schoen 7-27-15

Schoen, Andrew (’14) – Washington DC
VC, preferably Series A-C, interested in deep tech, prop tech, health tech, fin tech


niraj_shah Shah, Niraj (’95) – Boston, MA
Direct to consumer internet




Steve Shapiro 8-31-15

Shapiro, Steve (’84, MBA ’91) – Milton, MA
Early stage go-to market strategy, product innovation process, any tech venture around education or workforce training/talent


Doug Shore 6-26-17Shore, Doug (’67) – Atlanta,
GAB2B media (magazine, tradeshow, conference, emedia, data) startups and acquisitions, intrapreneurship, M+A, private equity


Scott Sklar 1-22-18Sklar, Scott (’80) – Mill Valley, CA


Sotoodeh, Sam (MBA ’87) – Santa Ana, CA
Mergers and acquisitions



Aimee Soucie 1-11-16 Soucie, Aimee (JD ’02) – Washington DC
Intellectual property litigation (especially in the internationally trade commission) and intellectual property marketing/BD


Jeff Stein photo EDITED 5-11-15 Stein, Jeff – New York, NY
Startup legal matters


Surrey, Samantha (’02) – New York, NY
Commercializing technologies in the life sciences, venture capital, private equity, corporate partners, innovation, robotic surgery, immunotherapy and cancer, pharmaceutical, medical devices, and AI for healthcare


john_tassone_5-13-13 Tassone, John (’91 ) – Jupiter, FL



TrenchardTrenchard, Bill (’97) – Palo Alto, CA
Raising money, idea generation, managing high growth

Sid Trivedi 7-5-18

Trivedi, Sid (’13) – New York, NY
Enterprise software startups across categories like cybersecurity, IT, DevOps, SaaS applications, data analytics and networking

Lilian Tso 3-12-15
Tso, Lilian (’13) – New York, NY
Private equity


Ash VaidyaVaidya, Ash (’99, MBA ’07) – Santa Clara, CA
Technology focused venture investor



Vashee, Vijay (MEng ’75 )- Mercer Island, WA
Tech and philanthropy



cornell_seal_1 Werner, Sara (’02) – New York, NY
Starter legal matters




Whiting Gwen (’98) – New York, NY
Fashion, design, and consumer internet


Wilkerson, Chris (’95) – New York, NY
Leading early stage businesses with a focus on team and culture



EaC_BrookeWingo (003)Wingo, Brooke (’17) – San Francisco, CA
Startups and teamwork



Jaida Yang 7.7.20

Yang, Jaida (’13) – New York, NY
Early stage funding in digital commerce and digital health; cross-border strategy




Zalaznick, David (’76) – New York, NY




Catherine Zhu 12-14-18 Zhu, Catherine (’18) – New York, NY
Investment banking