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Blogs & Books

Highly recommended books for entrepreneurs:


Also enjoy these good books on startups and venture capital:


And there are many great blogs written about startup life and venture capital:


Additionally, the following are great free resources for entrepreneurs and aspiring VCs:

  • Dealbook (hits your inbox daily)
  • Venture Wire (hits your inbox daily)
  • VentureBeat
  • Innovation Daily (hits your inbox daily)
  • PE Wire (hits your inbox daily)
  • TermSheet (hits your inbox daily)
  • TechCrunch (updates can be set to hit your inbox throughout the day)
  • PriceWaterhouse Money Tree (data resource for VC funding raising and investing)
  • Startup Digest (hits your inbox weekly)
  • Biz Plan Competitions (a searchable list of business plan competitions around the world)

If you have additional books, blogs and resources that you think should be included above please email your suggestions to