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Cornell University provides a holistic and cross disciplinary approach to entrepreneurship. Importantly,  the Cornell  now offers:

program-popshop-1We encourage any serious eship student, regardless of college or discipline, to build their academic program with an eye towards participating in eLab. This is a competitive student business accelerator program, which is listed in the Cornell Course Catalog as NBA 6230 / NBA 6330 Actualizing Your Startup – Part I and Part II.


Entrepreneurship Courses by College / School

Cornell SC Johnson College of Business

 Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

AEM 1200
Introduction to Business Management
AEM 1201
Business Management
AEM 1210
Entrepreneurship Thought Leadership Seminar
AEM 1230
Foundations of Entrepreneurship and Business
AEM 3220
Digital Business Strategy
AEM 3249
Entrepreneurial Marketing and Strategy
AEM 3250
Business Planning Process for New Ventures
AEM 3340
Women, Leadership & Entrepreneurship
AEM 3350
International Technology Marketing
AEM 3380
Social Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Problem Solvers
AEM 3381/ AEM 3382
Social Entrepreneurs Field Study
AEM 3450
Sustainability Marketing
AEM 4360
Entrepreneurial Leadership
AEM 4370
Strategy and Innovation
AEM 4380
Entrepreneurial Strategy for Technology Ventures
PLBR 4050
Intellectual Property Management for Scientists & Entrepreneurs

The Hotel School

HADM 3135 / HADM 6135
Conversations with Entrepreneurs
HADM 3610
Communication for Entrepreneurs
HADM 4125/6125
Foundations of Social Entrepreneurship
HADM 4130 / HADM 6130
Entrepreneurial Management
HADM 4133 / HADM 6133
Global Conversations with Entrepreneurs
HADM 4140 / HADM 6140
Corporate Entrepreneurship
HADM 4144 / HADM 6144
Opportunity Recognition and Ideation
HADM 4145 / HADM 6145
Strategic Business Plan Development
HADM 4180 / HADM 6180
Technology for Bootstrapped Entrepreneurship
HADM 4211 / HADM 6211
Entrepreneurial Finance
HADM 4301/6301
Restaurant Entrepreneurship
HADM 4800 / HADM 6800
Law for Entrepreneurs
HADM 4965 / 6965
Business Plan Competition
HADM 6211
Entrepreneurial Finance
HADM 6800
Law for Entrepreneurs

Johnson Graduate School of Management

NBA 3000
Entrepreneur and Business Ownership
NBA 5070
Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers
NBA 5100
Social Entrepreneurship
NBA 5190
Entrepreneurship in the Emerging Sustainable Economy
NBA 5320
Due Diligence in Private Equity Investments
NBA 5570
Case Studies in Venture Financing
NBA 5590
The Venture Capital Industry and Private Equity Markets
NBA 5630
The IPO and Mergers and Acquisitions Process
NBA 5640
Entrepreneurship and Business Ownership
NBA 5930
International Entrepreneurship
NBA 6029
NYC Technology Trek
NBA 6100
Advanced Entrepreneurship
NBA 6180
Global Innovation and Technology Commercialization
NBA 6190
Leaders in Sustainable Global Enterprise
NBA 6520
Commercializing University Technology
NBA 6570
Entrepreneurial Marketing
NBA 6650
The Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation
NBA 6780
Advanced Private Equity – Negotiations and Structuring
NBA 6860
Startup Learning Series
NBA 6230 and 6330
Actualizing Your Startup Parts 1 and 2
NCC 5500
Financial Accounting
PAM 5990
Challenges and Trends in the Health Services Industry

College of Engineering

BEE 4890
Entrepreneurial Management for Engineers
CEE 6900
Creativity, Innovation, and Leadership
ENGRI 1270 / MAE 1270
Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Engineering
MAE 4610 / ORIE 4152 / ENGRG 4601
Entrepreneurship for Engineers
MSE 4071
Interdisciplinary Design Concepts
ORIE 9100 / 9101
Enterprise Engineering Colloquium

Cornell Tech

CS 5091
Conversations in the Studio
NBAY 5100
Social Entrepreneurship
NBAY 5300
Entrepreneurial Finance
NBAY 6100
Advanced Entrepreneurship
NBAY 6650
Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation
NBA 6859
Tech Enterprises

Industrial & Labor Relations

ILRHR 6611
Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Organizations
ILROB 4260
Managing for Creativity
ILROB 4750 / ILROB 6750
Women in Management & Entrepreneurship

Cornell Law School

LAW 6292
Deals: The Economic Structure of Transactions and Contracting
LAW 6293
Deals Seminar: Drafting and Analyzing Corporate Agreements
LAW 6294
Deals Practicum: M&A Transactions
LAW 6335
Emerging Growth Companies and Venture Capital Financing: Principles and Practice
LAW 7158
Deals Seminar: Emerging Growth Companies
LAW 7166
Deals Practicum: Capital Markets Transactions
LAW 7174
Deals Seminar: Private Equity Transactions
LAW 7159
Deals Seminar: Bank Loan Transactions
LAW 7169
Deals Seminar: Law and Investment Banking – The General Counsel’s Perspective
LAW 7163
Deals Seminar: Financial Derivatives
LAW 7176
Deals Seminar:  Hedge Funds, PE Funds & Other Investment Vehicles

Arts and Sciences

ASRC 4330
Race & Social Entrepreneurship, Environmental Justice and Urban Reform
DEA 1110
Making a Difference by Design
DEA 4040
Professional Practice, Ethics and Entrepreneurship
SOC 4920
Economic Sociology of Entrepreneurship

Human Ecology

FSAD 6500
Fashion, Media, and Technology