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Frequently Asked Questions – Companies

Why should I invest my time in the internship program?

For many Cornellians, a summer internship offers their first real experience with a job that could be their career.  At the basic level, internships teach students those lessons that can’t be taught in a classroom — promptness, professionalism, office politics, relationship building, teamwork, motivation and more.

But they also can offer much more — a barometer for the students in terms of career and industry choice, leverage in interviewing and obtaining future jobs, and in some cases a full-time position.  Hiring an intern allows you to have a hand in shaping the future of a Cornell student!  And the great work you will receive from them during the summer is a bonus!

Who is eligible to participate as an intern?

The Entrepreneurship at Cornell program offers internship opportunities to Cornell juniors, seniors, and first-year MBA students who have an interest in small to mid-sized businesses.

What is the typical length of an internship?

Internships begin in late May or the first week in June and normally last ten weeks.

What is the average stipend?

The typical stipend for an intern is between $300 – $500 per week, depending on location of internship and whether or not the student must relocate.

Is there any assistance available to help pay intern salaries?

In past years, Entrepreneurship at Cornell has received funding from the New York State Centers for Advanced Technology (CAT) that allows us to offer matching grants to small New York companies involved in the life sciences.  For more information on this funding, call Debra Moesch at 607-254-2802 or email her at

Am I responsible for arranging housing?

Housing and transportation arrangements are the intern’s responsibility.  However, any information a company can provide regarding summer rentals, transit centers, etc. would be helpful.

What is the process?

Interested students complete an on-line application, submit their resume, and interview with Debra Moesch.

Once a company submits a job description and company information, we will forward appropriate resumes to the company for review.

After a company receives resumes, they should call students as soon as possible to begin the interview process.  Many companies interview and offer the position over the telephone, while others prefer to meet the intern in person.

Companies make decisions about hiring, and interns and companies negotiate salary and work schedules.  Once a commitment is made, companies should notify Debra Moesch, Entrepreneurship at Cornell Internship Director, via email at or phone (607-254-2802).

If I have questions that are not answered here, who do I contact?

For additional information, please contact Debra Moesch at 607-254-2802 or email her at