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Social Entrepreneurship

As a land grant institution, Cornell’s focus on public engagement fosters a culture where students are empowered to become active citizens and to tackle critical challenges. By participating in hands-on, practical learning experiences, they work with community experts to help create positive social change locally, throughout the state, and around the world. In this environment social innovation and social entrepreneurship—the pursuit of innovative, transformative, and sustainable solutions to social problems—emanate from all fields of study.

Cornell is pleased to have been selected as one of Ashoka U’s first Changemaker Campuses in 2008. Ashoka U offers this designation to leading institutions in social innovation education. These institutions share the vision for higher education to become the next global driver of social change by transforming the educational experience into a world-changing experience.

While social innovation and entrepreneurship are found throughout the university, the following represent hubs of activity, resources, and support:

Additionally, there are a number of student-led organizations that focus on social enterprise: