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“The BIG Idea” Undergraduate Business Idea Competition

“The BIG Idea” is an idea competition open exclusively to Cornell undergraduates. Organized and executed by Entrepreneurship@Cornell, “The BIG Idea” offers cash prizes to the top four ideas. Winners are determined by three phases of competition including a live presentation to alumni, students, faculty and staff at the annual Entrepreneurship@Cornell Celebration.

Congratulations to the 2010/2011 semi-finalists!

  1. AlmaSana
  2. Dynamic Automated Nutrition Innovations (DANI)
  3. Bamboo Reforestation in Haiti
  4. Developing Pictures
  5. Cosigner Database
  6. TCAT Tracker
  7. The Backyard Nuclear Power Plant
  9. Colorful Stickers for Expiration Date
  10. Asthma Diagnostic Device
  11. Nurtricode
  12. Gridstep
  13. Bike Wrap
  14. Karité West Africa
  15. The Americaid Initiative
  16. Generative Kinetic Sculptures
  17. Eolik
  18. Whats Next
  19. Touch Tips
  20. Facade Integrated Agriculture
  21. Sweetskill
  22. Carside Cameras
  23. Happy Hands Wrist Spray
  24. The Solar Bed-Net
  25. Protejé, Integrated Pico-Projector Hardware Supplier


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