A Cornell student entrepreneur’s journey: Hemp to home goods

Meet Hailee Greene – Cornell MBA ‘ 24, Chief Everything Officer of GreeneAcres Processing, hemp farmer, and student entrepreneur tackling real-world problems. Hailee’s growing business uses sustainable hemp to increase the production of products made from plants, revolutionizing the way we make houses, fuel cars, and craft clothing.

Innovating the Ag Industry with Food Science

Meet Albert Charles – an MBA candidate ‘25 with a B.S. in Food Science ‘23, and a student entrepreneur using interdisciplinary skills to tackle real-world problems. An eLab, I-Corps, and Johnson Summer Accelerator participant, Albert founded PhytoFlock, a business which upcycles beverage waste to use as a feed additive to reduce the use of antibiotics in the livestock industry.

Twins Alsa Khan and Muhammad Jee explain how their AI platform, Mr. EzPz, could help to make artificial intelligence more reliable for students as well as educators.