No matter where you are in your startup journey—if you simply have an idea or if you have already launched a business—Cornell’s startup ecosystem can connect you to the resources and partners you need to get to your next milestone. The university supports entrepreneurially-minded Cornellians from students, to faculty and alumni and from founders, to team members and investors. Its programs and network also nurtures startups in fields as diverse as software, food products, life sciences, hospitality, clean energy materials – and beyond. How will you connect? As a first step, and regardless of your current path or stage of company, you should join the Entrepreneurship at Cornell Listserv.

Do you want to find a business idea or have some initial ideas?

Are you interested in entrepreneurship and looking to start something yourself? The first step is to identify a business idea and target market to pursue. Take a class, join a club, participate in a hackathon, or knock some ideas around with a mentor or entrepreneur in residence. 

Are you ready to transform your business idea into a launchable startup?

Are you confident in your business idea and ready to move it forward? The next step is to design and validate a business model that can be launched. Take a class, enlist a team, join an accelerator or incubator program, test a minimum viable product or service, and get advice from a mentor or entrepreneur in residence on your plans and progress. 

Are ready to launch and scale your startup?

Are you getting ready to launch or do you have an operating startup company looking to scale and grow? Connect with on-campus and off-campus investor groups, pitch at a competition, find technical resources, regional support, or space for your company to take root and grow, and get connected with a network of mentors, advisors, and other active entrepreneurs in the Cornell community. 

Do you want to get connected to Cornell’s startup community?

Interested in connecting with entrepreneurs, startups, and programs active in the Cornell community? Looking to join a startup, post a job or internship opportunity from your startup to the Cornell community, or perhaps find a new investment? Interested in learning more about Cornell technologies for licensing? Connect with investors, programs, and startups around campus to engage.

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