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Sumeet Jain

BS '98

CMEA Capital (San Francisco, CA)


Sumeet Jain is a data junkie, always has been. At age 11, he blew through his primary school math courses and began studying math at the University of Buffalo. His strong affinity for analytics drew him to degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. In college, he was part of a funded research team building tools and algorithms to analyze massive streams of electrocardiogram data to detect and predict catastrophic cardiac events months and years in advance.

Sumeet's obsession with actionable data led him to join the team that started and grew Personify, one of the first online analytics companies that analyzed user browsing behavior to deliver actionable analytics data and predictive marketing products. Personify fueled Sumeet's passion for products whose value accelerates with increasing data. Following Personify's merger with Angara, he joined iManage, a knowledge and content management company where he led sales and business development. The company allowed enterprises to manage the information created in all unstructured formats and delivered solutions for better leveraging a Company's data and content; iManage was acquired by Interwoven in 2003 for $171mm.

After completing his MBA from the Wharton School of Business, Sumeet joined Goldman, Sachs & Co.'s technology investment banking group. At Goldman Sachs, he focused on mergers and acquisitions as well as equity and debt financing transactions for many venture and private equity backed companies in the software, internet and semiconductor sectors.

Sumeet joined CMEA in 2008 and focuses on software, consumer internet and digital media investments. At CMEA, he's been intimately involved in investments in AWR, Blekko, Intermolecular, Pixazza and Schooner among others.

Nothing gets him more excited than businesses that appear simple but have a sophisticated data driven core, and he always enjoys a spirited discussion about extracting value from information. Having grown up with the Internet and having seen the rapid growth of available information, Sumeet believes that intelligent uses of data will drive the most successful companies.

When not immersed in technology and with entrepreneurs, Sumeet spends time with his kids and enjoys backpacking, cycling and brewing his own beer. Not surprisingly, Sumeet's interest in Big Data extends to Little Data on his kids (as well as the cycling, the beer, the weather, and almost anything else you'd imagine…ask him for regressions on any of these.)


Sumeet holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Cornell University and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Board Affiliations

Applied Wave Research, Apriso Corporation, Intermolecular, Multigig, Inc., WorkingPoint, Pixazza (Observer), Blekko (Observer)