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Barr Dolan

AB '71, MS '74

Managing Director
Charter Life Science (Palo Alto, CA)


Barr has extensive venture capital investment experience and extensive experience as a founder of life sciences companies.

Prior to the founding of CLS, Barr was a founding partner of the Charter Ventures family of venture capital funds. Barr has been an active founder of multiple life sciences companies, including the women's health company Adeza Biomedical (ADZA), cardiac catheter company EP Technologies (IPO, then acquired by Boston Scientific), biotech company Heska Corporation (HSKA), biotech company Univax Biologics (IPO, then acquired by NABI) and women's health medical device company Vesta (acquired by Pfizer). Among his many roles with these companies, Barr has also served as interim chief executive officer of Adeza and EP Technologies.

Barr has made venture capital investments in more than 50 life sciences companies, including specialty pharma company Intermune (ITMN), drug delivery company Advanced Polymer Systems (APPA), biotech company Calgene (IPO, then acquired by Monsanto), biotech company EOS Biotechnology (acquired by Protein Design Labs), biotech company Genelabs Technologies (GNLB), biotech company Geron (GERN), biotech company Valentis (VLTS), medical device company Orquest (acquired by Johnson & Johnson), drug delivery company Penederm (acquired by Mylan Laboratories) and biotech company Tularik (TLRK).


Mr. Dolan received a BA in Chemistry and an MS in Engineering from Cornell University, an MA in Applied Science from Harvard University and an MBA from Stanford University.