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Doug Onsi

BS '90

Venture Partner
HealthCare Ventures LLC (Cambridge, MA)


Doug Onsi is a Venture Partner of HealthCare Ventures. Prior to joining HealthCare Ventures in 2007, he served as Vice President, Campath Product Operations & Oncology Portfolio Management and as Vice President, Business Development at Genzyme Corporation. Before joining Genzyme, Mr. Onsi was Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, Business Development of TolerRx, Inc., a company in which HealthCare Ventures was the lead investor. Prior to TolerRx, he held a senior business development position at LeukoSite, Inc., another HealthCare Ventures portfolio company, which was merged with Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He has also practiced corporate law at Bingham Dana LLP.


Mr. Onsi received his J.D. degree from University of Michigan Law School and B.S. degree in biology from Cornell University.