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Mike Lyons

BS '64, AEP '65

Venture Partner
Paladin Capital Group (Washington, DC)


Mr. Lyons is a Venture Partner with Paladin Capital Group. He served as a Venture Partner of ePlanet Ventures I & II and was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Vanguard Ventures. Mr. Lyons is a Consulting Associate Professor at both the Stanford University Department of Management Science and Engineering and the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia.


Mr. Lyons received a Bachelors and Masters (equivalent) in Engineering Physics from Cornell University, an MSEE from Stanford in 1966, and an MBA, wuith Distinction, from the Pepperdine Presidential/Key Executive Program in 1988. He is a graduate of the Stanford/AEA Institute for the Management of High Technology Companies and a Price-Babson Fellow in Entrepreneurship Education.

Board Affiliations

Mr. Lyons is Chairman of Future Point Systems and serves on the boards of Real-Time Innovations, Packaged Business Solutions, and JazzMasters Workshops, a non-profit.