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Cornell Venture Capitalists

Robert Huret

BS '65

Founding Partner
FT Ventures (San Francisco, CA)


Bob co-founded FTVentures in 1998. He has 38 years of commercial banking and investment banking experience. Before establishing FTVentures, Bob was a senior consultant to Montgomery Securities, and was previously Senior Vice President Finance for Bank of California and Vice President Planning for First Chicago Corporation. Bob has participated in more than 100 bank and bank-related mergers, public offerings and joint ventures. Bob is also a founder of Newell Associates, a money management firm and Third Age Media, an internet portal. Bob's portfolio company board work includes Caplin Systems, Daylight Forensic & Advisory, Financial Engines, and Mavent.


Bob received a BS from Cornell University and an MBA with distinction from Harvard University.

Board Affiliations

Bob was previously a board member of Corillian (NASDAQ: CORI) and KVS (acquired by Veritas). Additionally, he is a board member of Bank of Hawaii Corporation (NYSE: BOH). Bob serves as a trustee of Cornell University.