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Imre Hild

BS '97, MBA '98

Entrepreneur Partner
Primus Venture Capital (Cleveland, OH)


Imre's professional career began in the Tourism business right at the time of the political changes in Hungary. In 1993 he left for the USA to attend Cornell University. After graduation he worked for McKinsey in Budapest then, upon finishing his MBA also at Cornell he joined the lodging practice of Lehman Brothers in New York. Upon his return to Hungary Imre founded Hild Kft. which brought the innovative Life Annuity for Real Estate concept to market. in 2005 he joined OTP and founded OTP Life Annuity which he headed as CEO until the end of 2008.

Currently Imre is involved as founder / owner in a number of innovative mobile internet startups. He is also member of the Board of Advisors for several mobile internet startups.

In 2010 Imre was invited to the Advisory Board of PRIMUS Venture Capital Fund. In 2011 Imre was invited to the Supervisory Board of Primus Capital.

Besides professional activities Imre is co-founder of IvyPlus, a network of US Alumni of Ivy League Universities and RETURN, an umbrella organization of US Alumni.


Imre holds a BS with Distinction and an MBA degree from Cornell University.