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Steve Belkin

BS '69

Trans National Ventures (Boston, MA)


Steve Belkin, Chairman of Trans National Group, founded his first company – TNT Vacations – in 1974. It was a success from the first year and this division has served over 2 million passengers to date. Steve went on to found 29 other companies over the next decades, some of which have been sold and some of which are still in operation today. Steve continues to grow TNG companies such as Trans National Communications, Trans National Ventures, B.E. Realty and TNT Vacations at the Boston headquarters, and TN Marketing in Minneapolis and is always open to new investment opportunities and business ideas. Steve met his wife, Joan, when they were both students at Cornell University. Steve was captain of Cornell's Tennis Team and, after being introduced to Squash, he played on that varsity team for 3 years. Both of Steve and Joan's daughters continued their family legacy by attending Cornell. Today at Harvard a Case Study is taught annually in the Entrepreneurship class on how Steve founded his first company. Steve and Joan are very active in the community philanthropically and both serve on many boards and committees at their alma maters and for local charitable organizations. Together, they sit on over 20 boards or committees. Steve believes that a key element in his business success has been his focus on hiring top quality executives with exceptional intelligence, skill, and drive, and also credits his establishment of an entrepreneurial culture at Trans National in which such individuals can thrive. He believes TNG's most important asset is its people. He says, “I try to create an empowering and growth inducing environment wherever I can. At work, I know my company will grow and prosper only if the employees are growing and prospering.”


After graduation from Cornell in 1969, Steve went to Harvard Business School for his MBA.