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John Baldeschwieler

MS 56, PhD '59

Venture Partner
Arcturus Capital (Pasadena, CA)


From 1973 until the present, Prof. Baldeschwieler has been a Professor of Chemistry at CalTech and for five years was also Chairman of the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Prof. Baldeschwieler began his distinguished academic research as a member of the faculty at Harvard University. In 1965, Prof. Baldeschwieler moved to Stanford University as Professor of Chemistry. During his last two years at Stanford, Prof. Baldeschwieler was on leave of absence as Deputy Director of the Office of Science and Technology in the White House.

Prof. Baldeschwieler was a founder of Vestar Inc. and served as Chairman of its Board of Directors until Vestar merged with NeXagen Inc. to form NeXstar Pharmaceuticals. Prof. Baldeschwieler served as a Director of NeXstar until it was acquired by Gilead Pharmaceuticals Inc. Prof. Baldeschwieler was also a founder and Director of Combion Inc. until it was acquired by Incyte Geonomics, Inc. Prof. Baldeschwieler currently serves as a Managing Member of The Athenaeum Fund which is fully invested. He serves as Chairman of the Board of Pasadena Entretec, and as a Director of the Huntington Medical Research Institutes, as well as a director to several privately held companies.


Prof. Baldeschwieler received his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University in 1956 and his Ph.D. in 1959 in Physical Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley.