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Lisa Tatum

BS '89

General Partner
Cardinal Partners (Princeton, NJ)


Ms. Skeete Tatum is a General Partner with Cardinal Partners, an early stage health care venture capital firm in Princeton, NJ. At Cardinal, she focuses on investments in health technology and devices. She has led the firm's investments in AthenaHealth, AllianceCare, AxoGen, Inspired Technologies, IPNI, MitralSolutions, Nexcura, Parkstone, and TechRx.

Prior to joining Cardinal, Ms. Skeete Tatum worked for Procter & Gamble in various global and functional roles including Product Development, Purchasing and Product Supply. She was also a Managing Director at Circle of Beauty, a health and beauty joint venture start-up funded by Sears. In addition, she founded her own consulting firm specializing in strategic operational development for medium-sized consumer products companies.


Ms. Skeete Tatum received her BS in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University and her MBA from Harvard Business School.

Board Affiliations

Ms. Skeete Tatum currently serves on the Board of Directors of AllianceCare, AxoGen, Inspired Technologies and as Chairman of the Board of MitralSolutions. Ms. Skeete Tatum is on the board of trustees for Cornell University, and serves on the boards of the Kauffman Fellows Program (Center for Venture Education), the Princeton Healthcare System Foundation, the Harvard Business School Alumni Advisory Board and the Cornell University College of Engineering Alumni Association. She is also a member of the Committee of 200, the President's Council of Cornell Women and the Cornell Council.