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Eric Hamburg

BS '85, MBA '02

Industrial Renaissance Inc. (Fairfield, CT)


Eric Hamburg founded Industrial Renaissance and has significant experience buying and building companies, improving/transforming companies, and working with management teams. He has acquired as a partner and lead investor 35+ businesses with aggregate revenues today exceeding $1 billion and has worked in operating/management roles with 30+ businesses in a wide variety of industries to successfully implement improved business practices and mission-critical initiatives. He was an early pioneer and practitioner in industry of just-in-time and lean manufacturing when it was introduced into the U.S. in the mid-1980's, and buy-build strategies when they became popular in private equity in the mid-1990's.


Eric is a graduate of Cornell University, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, with advanced studies in business and finance from the Johnson Graduate School of Management.