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The Clinton Global Initiative University

May 4th Deadline for Progress Reports from delegates who attended the Nov. 2018 conference!

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The next conference will be held in the Spring of 2020.

CGIU conferences are an amazing opportunity for students who are pursuing social entrepreneurship to network with one another, attend skill sessions and office hours with leading social innovators, and to identify new mentors.

24796816_10157587248369572_4418265438642307708_nPresident Bill Clinton encouraging student delegates24301022_10157587262139572_3678867859659063142_n29244082_10157987663359572_5431771008115671040_n

The call for student delegates will open in September 2019 and culminate in November 2019.  Students must be enrolled fulltime during the academic year to receive travel funding assistance from Cornell.

2018 CGIU conference highlights

  • Hosted by President Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton, the 2018 annual CGIU meeting, held in Chicago, included student leaders from more than 100 countries representing more than 300 colleges and universities.
  •  Cornell University sponsored 14 delegates. Read short descriptions of  students’ projects which are intended to be delivered in Sri Lanka, Morocco, Brazil, Nigeria, and the United States.
  •  Dejah Powell ’18 was one of five delegates – selected from more than 1,200 – to be honored at Friday’s Opening Plenary Session, which centered on the theme of “Expanding Civic Engagement.” Powell, who is from Chicago, started a project called HEAL: Health, Engaged Activism, and Learning, to address the problem of healthy food access and poor school quality in some Chicago communities. The organization partners with schools to create garden clubs that grow produce, as well as help students learn about social justice, food accessibility, health, crime, problem solving and activism.
  • Cornell students Jannie Li’ 20 and Emily Wang ’20 were selected to participate in a codathon conducted the day before the conference. Working in conjunction with  IBM, this year’s CGIU codethon focused on developing faster response to natural disasters.

 10 delegates 1030_cgi1_ Dejah Powell 2018 delegate Ghali Jorio with President Bill Clinton

2017 CGIU Conference held in Boston

  •   Cornell CGI U alum Karim Aboulegna’s  story explemplifies  sustainable social entrepreneurship success. Karim conducted a skills session after being on stage as a member of the CGIU 2017 Honor Role24774821_10157587248364572_2927839683480145028_n 
  • A total of 15 Cornell students were selected as delegates to the 2017 CGI U conference. Several delegates have gone on to found businesses.
    • Deanna Deyhim ’18, founded SPECT – a  mindfulness meditation application which uses VR glasses for an educational training program targeting middle-schoolers who are struggling academically or stressed with at-home challenges.

      Working on VR glasses prototype at REV: Ithaca Works hardware accelerator program.

      Working on VR glasses prototype at REV: Ithaca Works hardware accelerator program.

    • Madhur Srivastava, PhD ’18,  CGIU 2017 delegate, has continued his research to develop software for denoising  MRI signals which will speed diagnostics of medical conditions.Madhur Srivastava PhD'18