We have over 20 student clubs at Cornell that focus on various aspects of entrepreneurship and startup financing. Students create new clubs seemingly every year, which is wonderful. Sometimes we need to make sure that there is not significant club overlap! We welcome our students’ creativity and drive to form targeted communities through their clubs.

One organization that is definitely not a student club requires specific mention. Student Agencies is simply a fabulous organization that runs a small set of real business year over year that impact student life at Cornell. And student managers and employees run each of its businesses. Student Agencies is now rebuilding the entrance to Collegetown as it owns the building where Oliver’s and Collegetown Bagels used to be (the restaurant you remember will depend on your age!). We partner with Student Agencies are multiple fronts, probably most significantly our Collegetown eHub space, and cannot emphasize enough what a great organization it is.

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Student-run nonprofit organization that offers free consulting services

Read more about Social Business Consulting Club

Read more about Social Enterprise Group at Cornell

Early stage venture capital fund operated by MBA students

Read more about Big Red Ventures

The go-to club for all Asian club events at Cornell University

Read more about the Asia Business Association

Dedicated to the recruitment of students of African descent

Read more about Black Graduate Business Association

First minority-owned investment fund at Cornell University

Read more about BlackGen Capital

Enables the commercialization of cutting-edge research at Cornell University

Read more about Big Red Tech Strategy

Student-run organization that offers pro-bono business analytics services to on-campus and off-campus clients

Read more about Cornell Business Analytics

Analytically-focused current events and industry trends organization

Read more about Cornell Current

Empower talented and intelligent women through education and experience

Read more about Society for Women in Business

Works with venture capital firms to deliver market research and strategic advisory services

Read more about Cornell Venture Capital Club

Graduate students who share a passion for the energy industry

Read more about Energy Club

The nation's first entrepreneurship fraternity

Read more about Epsilson Nu Tau

Forum for students with an interest in privately held corporations

Read more about Family Business Club

Provide Hotelie students with resources to explore entrepreneurship

Read more about Hotelie Entrepreneurs

Provide programming and resources to prepare Johnson students to launch a company

Read more about Johnson New Ventures Club

Supports Cornell's top entrepreneurially-minded students

Read more about Life Changing Labs

Cornell’s premier intellectual property organization.

Read more about CIPEC

Cornell Bowers CIS partners with the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management for the Digital Technology Immersion program.

Read more about Digital Technology Immersion

URMC, a student group at Cornell, brings together and supports underrepresented minority students in computing through networking and mentorship.

Read more about Underrepresented Minorites in Computing (URMC)

Women in Computing at Cornell strives to make computing inclusive for all.

Read more about Women in Computing at Cornell (WICC)

We provide students with an exhaustive pipeline and community to facilitate startup development

Read more about Ventures Accelerated

Read more about Cornell Grub Ventures

CVEC is a venture capital and entrepreneurship club that connects early-stage SV/PE investors, entrepreneurs, students and scholars.

Read more about Cornell Venture and Entrepreneurship Club

Cornell’s premier human-centered design consultancy actualizing a tomorrow, today.

Read more about Design Consulting at Cornell

Cornell’s premier global business organization.

Read more about Cornell Global Business Club

WLC is the first undergraduate organization dedicated to empowering women of color to step into leadership positions.

Read more about Women Leaders of Color at Cornell