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Robertus Prajogi

Portfolio Manager, Executive Director
J.P. Morgan Asset Management (New York, NY)


Mr. Robertus W. Prajogi serves as Portfolio Manager and Executive Director at J.P. Morgan Asset Management. He is a Vice President and Analyst in the in the Private Equity Group and Vice President at J.P. Morgan Asset Management Inc. Mr. Prajogi joined the firm in 2001 as an Analyst responsible for managing the stock distributions of private equity partnerships for clients of the PEDM program, as well as for the firm's own private equity funds. Prior to joining this, he was a Member of the Strategic Investment Advisory Group, responsible for working with clients to develop budgeting, and risk management. Mr. Prajogi also co-authored a number of papers, some of which were published in financial journals. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst.


Mr. Prajogi holds a B.S. and Master of Engineering in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering from Cornell University.