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Kunal Shroff


Managing Director
ChrysCapital (Palo Alto, CA)


Mr. Kunal Shroff serves as Managing Director of ChrysCapital, ChrysCapital II, L.P., ChrysCapital III, LP, ChrysCapital IV, L.P. and ChrysCapital V, L.P. Mr. Shroff joined ChrysCapital in September 1999. Mr. Shroff focuses on outsourcing, infrastructure, power, and business services opportunities. Previously, he worked at Chilton Investment Company, where Mr. Shroff focused, researched, and evaluated IT and technology stocks in United States equity markets. Prior to that, he worked in the Principal Investment Area at Goldman Sachs, pursuing investment opportunities and monitoring portfolio companies for a $5.5 billion family of private equity and mezzanine funds.


Mr. Shroff received a B.S. in Computer Science, magna cum laude honors, from Cornell University.