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Akira Iinuma


Chief Investment Officer
Polaris Capital Group (Tokyo, Japan)


Mr. Akira Iinuma is a Partner and Co-Chief Investment Officer at Polaris Capital Group Co., Ltd. Mr. Iinuma joined Polaris in November 2004 after serving as Vice President of the Investment Banking Group of Mizuho Securities in the areas of food & beverages, retail, and media sectors. At Mizuho Securities, he was also engaged in M&A transactions in various sectors, such as industrial products, energy, and financial services as the Vice President of the M&A Group. Before that, Mr. Iinuma worked at The Industrial Bank of Japan (IBJ), first in the international finance division, then in the debt capital markets division (IBJ Securities).


Mr. Iinuma received an M.B.A. from the Johnson School at Cornell University and a B.A. in International Relations from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.