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Steven Conine


Wayfair (Boston, MA)


Mr. Steven K. Conine is the co-founder of Wayfair.  Previously, he was a Venture Advisor at NextView Ventures. Mr. Conine specializes in E-commerce. Mr. Conine has extensive executive leadership experience in private and public technology companies. He has assisted in and has been responsible for the sale of two technology companies. He was a Founder, Member of the Board, and Chief Technology Officer of Simplify Mobile. Before starting Simplify Mobile, he served as Chief Operating Officer for the London Office of iXL. He was responsible for London-based operations, and was involved in sales, service delivery, and operations in the UK market. He also co-founded and served as a top executive of Spinners Incorporated. He was integral to the architecting and development of all of the technology solutions Spinners created. He led Spinners to revenue and net income growth of 300 percent per year while maintaining a 30 percent net income margin.


Mr. Conine holds a B.S. from Cornell University.