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Jassim Alseddiqi


Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
Abu Dhabi Financial Group (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)


Mr. Jassim Alseddiqi is Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer at Abu Dhabi Financial Group, which specializes in Financial Services, Real Estate, and Debt. Previously, he was a Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Capital Group and Investment Manager at Qannas Investments. At the firm, Mr. Alseddiqi was responsible for managing global assets including Public Equities, Hedge Funds, Fixed Income, Private Equity and Real Estate. He has helped set up many financial firms including Al Nahda Investments, Reem Finance, and Essdar Capital. Mr. Alseddiqi is a Non-Executive Director of Qannas Investments. He has several publications in international engineering journals.


Mr. Alseddiqi received his Masters of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.