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Cornellians in Private Equity

Takashi Fujimoto


Street Academy, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan)


Mr. Takashi Fujimoto serves is Founder of Street Academy, Inc. Previously, Mr. Fujimoto was a Senior Associate at The Carlyle Group, where he focused on buyout opportunities in Japan and is a part of the corporate private equity fund segment. Mr. Fujimoto was a Senior Service Engineer at FedEx Corporation, where he led the strategic planning and project management of new operation projects in North Pacific region. While at FedEx, he spearheaded the development of its first global customs clearance system, launch of a new operation in Chubu airport, and investment for the largest ground operation station in Asia Pacific. Prior to that, Mr. Fujimoto worked as a theme park ride Engineer for Universal Studios. He serves as Auditor of Qualicaps Co., Ltd.


Mr. Fujimoto received a B.S. and a Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering from Cornell University and an M.B.A. from Stanford Graduate School of Business.