Cayuga Forum is a professionally run peer coaching network for entrepreneurial alumni hosted by Entrepreneurship at Cornell.
Cayuga Forum enables small group, facilitated, alumni-to-alumni engagement.  Each member is placed into a group of 8 people (a “Pod) who form lasting relationships to foster personal and business interests. Pods meet virtually. Members are typically in the same time zone, but geographically diverse. Session times are set in advance for the year.

Once we scale, the Cayuga Forum program will host synchronous Network Events exclusively for Cayuga Forum members.  Examples include virtual webinars with subject matter experts and in person receptions at the time of Entrepreneurship at Cornell’s big events.  More information about Cayuga Forum can be found here.

Why You Should Join:

  • At its core, the Cayuga Forum program fosters entrepreneurial alumni helping each other achieve their work and life goals.
  • Alumni engaging with alumni to expand a thriving entrepreneurial community.
  • Build new lasting and meaningful relationships that stimulate personal and professional interests.
  • Your Pod is a confidential resource that you can rely on unconditionally as you build deep connections and build trusted relationships.
  • Learn, explore and enrich yourself.
  • Obtain professional, business, and life growth through consistent peer support
  • Relationships for life, sharing for life.
  • Build your community! Encourage others! Breakthrough!

How to Join:

Each Cayuga Form member creates a profile on our StartupTree Cayuga Forum module. Apply here

Annual donation amount for a full year of Cayuga Forum participation is $500 (with the year being measured from the date of your Pod’s first session).  The donation is paid to Cornell and counts 100% as a Cornell gift.

Our initial Cayuga Forum program launch will be 10 Pods (80 members), and then we will scale from there to our goal of having 200+ Pods!