The expectations of an engineer have grown considerably in recent decades. Engineers now need to be entrepreneurial in order to better envision how their technologies can impact the world, and so they can be contributors in a business context.

Through a wealth of programs and resources, Cornell Engineering provides faculty and students with world-class experiences in product development, prototyping, technology trends and market analysis. Entrepreneurship education teaches engineers in all disciplines the knowledge, tools and attitudes that are required to bring an idea from bench to market. This entrepreneurial spirit can be traced back to Ezra Cornell, an engineer who transformed a technology – the telegraph – into a business that would connect distant cities and change how the world communicated. Over 150 years later, his namesake university remains a place where "any person… any study" rings true for engineers who want to solve the grand challenges of our time.

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Guides Engineering faculty and students through entrepreneurship

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Offers student teams working on an innovation a chance to compete for prizes

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Allows Engineering PhD students to take a deep dive into commercialization

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Cornell Engineer's entrepreneurship roadmap for students, faculty and alumni

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Mentoring program that supports the personal and academic development of first-year students

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