The Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR) supports interdisciplinary materials research and development at Cornell, hosting more than 100 faculty members from four colleges, who work on a variety of projects. The center currently supports three Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs): Atomic Membranes; Controlling Complex Electronic Materials; and Mechanisms, Materials, and Devices for Spin Manipulation. Through several seed grants, the CCMR also supports high-risk research, such as work on 2D quantum dot solids and the formation of hybrid organic/inorganic materials. Much of the research takes place at CCMR’s Shared Facilities, which includes a main prep lab and several microscopes located at Duffield Hall, as well as other labs in Bard, Clark, Snee, and Olin Halls.  The facilities offer world-class materials analysis and processing equipment and are overseen by a staff of experts.