The Johnson Family Business Club serves as a forum for students with an interest in privately held corporations. This club works with local family businesses to generate meaningful connections and opportunities to prepare for working within, leading, and passing on a family-owned enterprise over the course of time. This club is for any student who has a business in their family, regardless of the size, industry, or the student’s personal experience within it. Additionally, students planning to start a family business in the future or who are interested in working for family businesses in consulting, asset management, or general management are welcome to join.

The club focuses on three primary pillars: Networking, Education, and Recruiting. Club activities include educational forums with current members, guest speakers from alumni and prominent business leaders, field-trips for on-site exposure to various corporations, advisory board position opportunities, networking events with other top business schools, and social outings. Club members will examine current research, in partnership with the school’s Smith Family Business Initiative, detailing the competitive advantages (and challenges) of family controlled businesses. Members will also have the opportunity to listen to leaders of business owning families while sharing their personal experiences. Please feel free to reach out directly to our officers for more information.