The Human Spirit Entrepreneurship Fellows Program is for Cornell students who wish to spend a summer pursuing their entrepreneurial business concepts free from the concern of supporting themselves in a traditional paid job setting.

Summer funding up to $5,000 per business is provided to a student (or group of students) who presents a business or business concept through the online application process. Funding can be used to support the startup and/or to pay for compensation to work on the business. At the end of the summer period, selected Fellows will present to a group of staff and/or faculty and Human Spirit Foundation donors.  Our target is to make 10 awards per year.

The program is generously funded by a family of Dyson School and other alumni with experience in running businesses, leading oversight of companies for private equity and venture investors, starting up businesses from scratch, getting businesses out of trouble, negotiating creative ownership solutions, moving quickly in financially distressed situations, and actively managing real estate investments. They have personally started over a dozen businesses with success and failure, learning from both. They invested time and money in entrepreneurs, offering assistance and mentoring through years long relationships, which led to the growth of companies valued from $10 million to over $1 billion.