W.E. Cornell welcomes sixth cohort of STEM innovators

W.E. Cornell welcomes sixth cohort of STEM innovators

W.E. Cornell aims to empower  STEM scholars to embrace their entrepreneurial ambition through a curriculum designed to help them commercialize their technology.  

The program is run over the course of two semesters, with each module advancing a different level of commercialization. Module I of the program begins in the fall, and it is available to all Cornell students doing research at the graduate level or above. The fall semester consists of workshops that introduce students to the possibilities for entrepreneurship and provide networking opportunities to find potential mentors.  

“It was such an inspiring and motivating environment, and we all fed off of the encouragement of one another,” said Emuna Rouhani, Ph.D. ’25, after completing Module I of the program. “I want to continue to be a part of this motivating environment to propel my entrepreneurship idea forward and see where it goes!” 

Module II of the program is with a smaller, select group of students who adjust their market fit and customer base through customer discovery interviews and research. The second module is complete at the end of the spring semester when participants present their final business pitch to the W.E. Cornell Advisory Board and celebrate their year of hard work.  

“It is such a special opportunity to be surrounded by brilliant, like-minded women facing similar niche challenges while working to commercialize STEM research,” says Mikaila Roncevich, Ph.D. ’25, about W.E. Cornell’s community.  

Meet the Spring 2024 W.E. Cornell cohort to see what lies ahead for these seven new entrepreneurs: 

  • Renae Brown, Ph.D. ’27, is developing an app to provide support with tasks through community connections. 
  • Tong Chen, Ph.D., ’25, is developing a high-throughput assay to detect cellular nutrient uptake to maximize data generation in metabolic research. 
  • Aiyana Fortin, Ph.D.’26, is developing an injectable nanodelivery vehicle for treatment of knee osteoarthritis. 
  • Psyche (Wanqing) He, Ph.D. ’26, is developing a tool that will help bilingual speakers of English to thrive in online communication. 
  • Mikaila Roncevich, M.S. ’25, is developing accessible tools for accurate impact evaluation of textile products using a life cycle assessment framework. 
  • Emuna Rouhani, Ph.D. ’25, is revolutionizing accessibility and inclusivity through innovative, personalized solutions that empower individuals with disabilities, fostering independence and enhancing daily life experiences.  
  • Shivani Tuli, Research Support Specialist, is developing technology to improve 3D bioprinting.  

“I am so honored to be a part of this cohort’s journey as they become the new generation of entrepreneurs,” said program director Andrea Ippolito, B.S. ’06, M. Eng. ’07. “I know that the work they do beyond this program will inspire countless generations after them.” 

Stay up to date with W.E. Cornell’s current cohort by following the W.E. Cornell news feed. Applications for next year’s cohort will open this summer.