Entrepreneurship Celebration

Event Videos

Student Business of the Year

Fireside Chat with Stephanie Cartin ’06 and Courtney Spritzer

Fireside Chat with Bob Langer ’70

BenDaniel Venture Challenge

Charles F. Feeney ’56 receives the Lifetime Achievement Award for Entrepreneurship and Humanity

Event Speakers

Bob Langer Headshot

Robert Langer ’70 

Co-founder and Scientific Director, Moderna; 
MIT Biological Engineering 

Christopher Oechsli Headshot

Christopher Oechsli 

Former President and CEO, Atlantic Philanthropies 

Chuck Feeney Headshot

Charles F. Feeney ’56 

Atlantic Philanthropies
Duty Free Shops, Founder 

Stephanie Cartin Headshot

Stephanie Cartin ’06 

Co-Founder, Socialfly; Co-Host, The Entreprenista Podcast; Co-Founder, Markid 

Courtney Sprizter Headshot

Courtney  Spritzer  

Co-Founder, Socialfly; Co-Host, The Entreprenista Podcast; Author of  “Like. Love. Follow.” 

Speaker Boards

Bob Langer Speaker Board from Entrepreneurship at Cornell Celebration 2021
Chuck Fenney and Chris Oechsi Speaker Board from 2021 Entrepreneurship at Cornell Celebration
Stephanie and Courtney Speaker board from 2021 Entrepreneurship at Cornell Celebration