Black Entrepreneurs in Training (BET) is a Cornell program dedicated to inspiring, informing, and initiating the next wave of Black student entrepreneurs. It was found that Black students either weren’t aware of the entrepreneurship resources at Cornell, or they were aware but not confident enough to participate. BET empowers Black students to take advantage of the vast portfolio of entrepreneurial resources Cornell has to offer with a year-long introduction to entrepreneurship, a close-knit community, and tailored support. 

Black startup founders receive less than 1% of venture capital funding annually. Less than 30 Black women have ever raised more than $1 million dollars in venture capital funding. Our first step to changing the narrative nationally is doing so right here at Cornell.

A Call to Action: New Climate Tech Track

Black student entrepreneurs with innovations in ALL FIELDS are encouraged join BET. Yet, as we review the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report and its more precise forecasts for the 21st Century warning of increased severe weather devastation, we strongly encourage diverse leaders to respond to this “call to action” and apply their innovations to help solve our local, national, and global climate challenges. Tied to this, we are excited to announce a climate tech “track” focused on empowering founders in this arena with additional mentorship, coaching, and resources.

Program Structure

The program will run from October to April.

  • Inspire (October – November):
    • The cohort will immerse themselves in entrepreneurship by networking with alumni and fellow entrepreneurs.
  • Inform (December – January):
    • The cohort will learn the formalities of entrepreneurship by attending workshops lead by successful entrepreneurs.
  • Initiate (February – May):
    • The cohort of entrepreneurs will start their own journey and act on what they have learned throughout the program to launch a minimum viable product.

If you would like to help traditionally underrepresented groups in entrepreneurship at Cornell, join BET to inspire Black students.